Our company began operations in 1981, when we started carrying out handicraft activities, namely:  
- metal turning and
- locksmithing.

Today, we are engaged in the manufacture of equipment and spare parts for the needs of various industries, thermal power plants and other energy facilities. We are a competitive company in the field of manufacture and installation of steel frames for projecting roofs, fences, landings, and other purpose-made products on order.

We have a number of CNC machines (lathes, machining centres), conventional lathes, milling machines, and other tools required for metal processing.

DBSS d.o.o. company joined us on the market in 1999. The company's main activity is the maintenance of mechanical equipment in power plants.

Over the years, the amount of work has increased, and consequently the number of employees has grown. In addition, our machine capacities have been strengthened and modernized. Today, there are more than 60 experts with different skills employed in both companies.

In 2006, we participated along with our sister company DBSS d.o.o. in the elimination of SIPO and INOKS profit centres from the HTZ Velenje I.P., d.o.o. disability company, and in the establishment of independent companies Sipoteh d.o.o. (manufacture and servicing of mining equipment) and  Robinoks d.o.o. (manufacture of stainless steel products). We own significant shares in both companies.

Our goal for the future is to reach many new customers in the European Union markets, and to become a supplier of metal products known for its reliability, loyalty and quality.